This section lists Books by various authors that describe various aspects of the Metropolitan history

Publication No. Colour Closed Open/
Origin Description
American Motors Family Album A.M. (US) Dated 1969
American Motors Family Album A.M (US) Dated 1976
Metropolitan Owners' Handbook Floyd Clymer
British Cars of the Late 50s Olyslager
American Cars of the 1950s Olyslager
Encyclopaedia of American Cars 1945-59 Moloney/Dammann Published by Crestline
The Cars that Hudson Built John Conde Published by Arnold-Porter
Book of the Austin Staton Abbey Published by Pitman's
Nash Metropolitan 1954-61 Brooklands
Metropolitan 1954 - 62 Brooklands
Metropolitan Gold Portfolio Brooklands
Cars of the 50s & 60s Michael Sedgewick Colporteur Press
Catalog of 1955 Automobiles Floyd Clymer Courtesy of Steve Hill
Happy Wheels Karlyn Rieman Appreciation of Metropolitan (1980)
B Series Engine Data Lindsay Porter Courtesy of Steve Hill
Austin - The County Years Brown/Whyley Courtesy of Steve Hill
The Metropolitan Story Patrick Foster Krause Publications
Men & Motors of the Austin Barney Sharratt Haynes Publication 2000
Cars of BMC Graham Robson Guild Publishing 1987
The Story of George Romney Tom Mahoney Harpers 1960
Austin & Morris Cars M.H. Rosewarne Iliffe
Automobile Quarterly Vol.15 No.2
Real Steel Bill Neville Running Press