Magazines (Non-US)

This section lists various magazines issued in countries outside the U.S. that contain articles or photographs relating to the Metropolitan.

Publication No. Colour Closed Open/
Date Description
AA Bulletin(NZ) Aug. 57 Report (Photocopy)
Australian Classic Car (Australia) Sept. 94 Met article
Auto und MotorSport (Germany) Sept. 56 Met article
Autocar(UK) Oct. 52 N.X.I. article
Autocar(UK) Mar. 54 Met Announcement
Autocar(UK) Oct. 54 Road Test
Autocar(UK) Oct. 56 Mets for All
Autocar(UK) Apr. 57 Brief Test
Autocar(UK) June 57 Road Test (Cutting)
Autocar(UK) May 61 Used car test
Autocar(UK) May 79 Metropolitan Jubilee (Photocopy)
Autocar(UK) May 81 Met article
Best Magazine(UK) ? Met Article (Cutting)
Car Mechanics(UK) Aug. 61 Met Service info
Classic American(UK) Jun/July 90 Article
Classic & Sports Car(UK) Apr. 82 Article
Classic & Sports Car(UK) May 89 Met. feature
Daily Mirror(UK) June 79 Metropolitan article (Cutting)
Evening News(UK) Apr.73 The Metropolitan line (Cutting)
Light Car(UK) Apr. 54 Brief Report (Photocopy)
Modern Motor(Australia) Sept. 57 Metropolitan Report & Road Test
Motor(UK) Jan. 50 N.X.I. report (Photocopy)
Motor(UK) Mar. 54 Advance news
Motor(UK) Mar. 54 Met Full details
Motor(UK) Sept. 54 Road Test
Motor(UK) May 56 Road Test
Motor(UK) May 56 Road Test (Reprint)
Motor(UK) Apr. 57 Mets for Britons
Motor(UK) Apr. 57 Road Test (Reprint)
Motor Classic Magazine(UK) May/June 93 Article
Motor Trader(UK) Aug. 58 Service Data supplement
Motor Trader(UK) Jan. 78 Met pictured
News Chronicle(UK) Nov. 56 Brief report (Reprint)
Old Timer Markt (Germany) Sept. 95 Metropolitan article
On Four Wheels(UK) Issue 75 Nash article
Popular Classics(UK) Oct. 91 Met Article
Practical Classics(UK) Issue 11 1996 Met article
Restored Cars(Australia) Nov/Dec 94 Met pictured
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars(UK) August 79 Met Silver Anniversary Rally
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars(UK) July 81 Convertibles article
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars(UK) Dec. 82 Met Show stand
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars(UK) Jan. 85 Met Show stand
Thoroughbred & Classics Cars(UK) Mar. 90 Met Article
What Car(UK) July 74 Yesterdays car of the future
Your Classic Feb. 92 BMC article