Magazines (US)

This section lists magazines published in the U.S. that contain articles or photographs relating to the Metropolitan.

Publication No. Colour Closed Open/
Date Description
American City March 59 Metropolitans for Police (reprint)
American Motor News Nov.61 Royal Run-about featured
Auto Age Oct. 54 Small Car Survey
Auto Collector Aug. 86
Automobile Topics April 60 Road Test & Factory Report (Reprint)
Automotive News Mar. 54 Full Report
Automotive News April '56 1500 Announcement (Cutting)
Automotive News March '60 Met. report (Cutting)
Automotive News April '62 End of Met. production (Cutting)
Automotive News Almanac 1956 Sales figures
Automotive News Almanac 1958 Sales figures
Automotive News Almanac 1959 Sales figures
Boston Sunday Globe Sept. 76 Article (Cutting)
British Car Dec.99/Jan.00 Article
Car Buff Sept. 61 Met. feature
Car Classics Oct. 76 Met Article
Car & Driver Apr.77 Met. Article
Car Exchange Oct. 79 Met Article
Car Life Apr. 55 Road Test (Cutting)
Car Life Aug. 56 Brief Report (Cutting)
Car & Parts July 86 Met Article (Cutting)
Car & Parts March 89 Met Article (Cutting)
Car & Parts Date Unknown Met Article (Photocopy)
Chiltons Motor Age Feb 54 Advance release notice (Photocopy)
Chiltons Motor Age Mar. 54 Full Details (Photocopy)
Chiltons Motor Age Apr. 54 Sales report (Photocopy)
Chiltons Motor Age May 59 Series IV review
Coast Car Collector Jul. 78 Met pictured
Collectible Automobile April 90 Met Article
Consumer Guide 1977 Review of 1957 cars
Consumer Guide 1978 Review of 50s cars
Consumer Guide 1979 Cars of the 60s
Consumer Report Oct. 54 Met. comparison
Dells 1956 1956 Cars
Detroit Free Press Mar 54 Met Article (Cutting)
European car guide Sept. 58 Brief report (Photocopy)
Foreign Car Illustrated & Auto Sport July 59 Road Test
Forward Spring 2000 Met Brochures
Forward Winter 2001 Nash article
Hot Rod June 82 Met Dragster (Photocopy)
Hot Rodding Mar. 77 Met Dragster
Kenosha News Jan 77 AMC Supplement
Life Jan 50 NXI report (Cutting)
Life Mar. 54 Met announcement (Cutting)
Mechanix Illustrated Apr. 54 Road Test (Cutting)
Mechanix Illustrated 1958 Small Car Guide
Mechanix Illustrated Sept 1958 Met pictured (Cutting)
Motor Life May 54 Brief Report
Motor Life July 54 Road Test
Motor Life June 56 1500 Announcement (Cutting)
Motor Life Aug. 56 Road Test (Cutting)
Motor Life Sept. 56 Metro mods (Photocopy)
Motor Life Aug 58 Road Test
Motorsport Nov. 51 N.X.I. Report
Motorsport July 54? Road Test (Cutting)
Motorsport Aug. 56 Brief Report (Photocopy)
Motor Trend Mar. 50 N.X.I. Report
Motor Trend May 54 Brief Report
Motor Trend July 54 Road Test
Motor Trend Nov. 54 Article
Motor Trend Mar. 55 Buyers Guide (Cutting)
Motor Trend June 56 1500 Announcement
Motor Trend Aug. 56 Road Test
Motor Trend Jan. 57 1957 Cars
Motor Trend Apr. 58 Economy Car review
Motor Trend Jan. 59 1959 Cars
Motor Trend Apr. 61 Met pictured
Motor Trend Feb. 63 A.M.C. History (Photocopy)
Nash News Apr. 54 Met Annoucement
Nash News Feb. 55 Washington Show report
Nash News Apr. 55 Met pictured
Nash News Aug. 55 Met pictured
Nash News Jan. 56 Met pictured
Nash News Mar. 56 Met pictured
Nash News May 56 Met 1500 Announcement
Newsweek Feb. 58 Small Car report (Reprint)
New York Times Jan. 78 Imported Car article
Old Cars Apr. 75 Met Club formation (Cutting)
Old Cars Apr. 76 Met Article (Cutting)
Old Cars Weekly June 80 Met Rally (Cutting)
Popular Mechanics Apr. 54 First Report
Popular Mechanics Nov. 54 Met survey
Popular Mechanics Feb. 57 Small Car review
Popular Mechanics Jan. 60 1960 Cars
Popular Mechanics 1962 Car facts- (Photo-copy)
Popular Science Monthly Mar. 50 N.X.I. Report
Popular Science Monthly Apr. 54 Road Test
Popular Science Monthly Apr. 54 Road Test (Reprint)
Popular Science Monthly Apr. 58 Small Car Survey
Rambler News Nov. 56 Met promotion
Rambler News Jan. 57 Met pictured
Rambler News Feb. 58 Mets pictured (Photocopy)
Road Test Aug. 71 Met Article (Photocopy)
Road Test Mar. 81
Road & Track May 54 Brief Report
Road & Track Aug. 54 Road Test
Road & Track Jan. 60 Clymer Handbook report
Road & Track - Road Test Annual 1954 Road Test -(Photocopy)
Small Car Illustrated Sept. 58 Road Test (Reprint)
Special Interest Autos July 71 Met Article
Special Interest Autos July 75 Met Drive report
Speed Age 1953 "Why the Smaller Car" - George Romney (Photocopy)
Sports Car Illustrated July 56 Light car guide
Sports Car Illustrated May 57 Road Test
Trend Book 142 1957 Cars of the World 1957 (Photo-copy)
Trend Book 182 ? Cars of the World (Photo-copy)
Trend Book 201 1961 Small Cars of the World (Photo-copy)
True's Automobile Yearbook 1958 Met pictured
True's Automobile Yearbook 1960 Met pictured