This section details items that, although Metropolitan related, do not fit into any previous classification.

Publication No. Colour Closed Open/
Origin Description
No number Sept. 52 (US) N.K.I. Meeting agenda
No Number Nash(US) Cost Analysis NKI
No Number Nash(US) NKI Parts program
No Number Nash (US) Does America want the Economy Car (Booklet)
No Number Nash(US) Does America want the Economy car (Folder)
No Number Nash(US) Raleigh 24hr Test report
No Number Nash(US) 1953 Proving Ground report
No Number Nash(US) Flajole report on NXI
No Number AMA(US) Mar. 54 Spec. for Series I Met.
No Number AMA(US) Nov. 54 Spec. for Series II Met
No Number AMA(US) Apr. 56 Spec. for Series III Met
No Number Nash(US) 1955 Met survey & report
No Number AM (US) 56 Met info kit for planning
No Number AM (US) Met 1500 Press kit
No Number AM (US) Trend towards more intelligent motoring J.W.Watson
No Number Nash(US) Engineering ventures in Personal transportation ASBE report
No Number Rambler(US) Official Specs 1902-1963
No Number John Conde(US) Met info digest
No Number UK Jack instruction card (reprint)
No Number AM(US) 1955 1955 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1956 1956 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1957 1957 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1958 1958 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1959 1959 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1960 1960 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1961 1961 Annual report
No Number AM(US) 1962 1962 Annual report
No Number Nash (US) Met. announcement Press release.
No Number US Chicago Auto Show Jan 56 Program (Met Specs)
Z-1502HN (9-56) A.M. (US) Metropolitan Franchise agreement
No Number A.M. (US) Metropolitan Shipments
No Number British Leyland (UK) Metropolitan Sales
1977 Austin Press Guide (UK) Sept. 60 Met. info & Royal Runabout
BMC Austin (UK) Brochure "BMC spans the world" Met pictured
Worldwide(UK) Austin (UK) Aug.61 Met pictured
1235 Part 11 x 8 32pp Austin(UK) 50 years of Car progress
1090 Part 11 x 8 16pp Austin(UK) America's Newest Car- from Austin
Courtesy of Steve Hill
No Number Part King Conveyors(UK) Met.Production Line pictured
No Number Part Derrington (UK) BMC "B" series Tuning Eqpt.
No Number Rd/Blk 4 x 8 8 x 8 Alexander Engineering (UK) Spec/Price List for Alexander Laystall Engine Conversion
Courtesy of Steve Hill