Wanted Items

This section describes Metropolitan items known to exist, but not currently in my Metropolitan Library.
Assistance in obtaining these items for the Library would be much appreciated.

Publication No. Colour Closed Open/
Origin Description
1514 Austin (UK) "Zing brochure"
1090 Austin (UK) Entitled "America's Newest Car - from Austin"
1525A Austin UK) Metropolitan Colour Card
1168/S Austin (UK) Austin Price Guide Oct.59
2000 Austin (UK) Salesman's Guide Oct. 1960
1517 BMC (UK) Postcard with 20 features of Met. on reverse.
AKD1077 Austin (UK) Owners' Handbook (French Edition)
97H9048C Austin (UK) Parts Book NKI (Series I, II , & III)
AKD1011 Austin (UK) Maintenance Service Voucher Book
AKD1011A Austin (UK) Maintenance Service Voucher Book
AKD693 Austin (UK) Master Price List
AKD858 Austin (UK) Service Literature Book
AKD858F Austin (UK) Service Literature Book
AKD878 Austin (UK) Schedule of Repair Charges
AKD788A Austin (UK) Schedule of Repair Times
RD-51190 A.M. (US) 1955 Owners' Handbook for Canada
AM-60-8149 A.M. (US) List of Met. Dealers in the US
No Number A.M. (US) 1954 American Motors Annual Report